English Vocabulary In Use - Upp Adv

Michael Mccarthy Felicity O'dell
2 Ayrım
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Yaşar Mutlu
A second edition of the best-selling vocabulary practice book, ideal for self-study or classroom use. English Vocabulary in Use Advanced with answers and CD-ROM is the highest level in the family of best-selling vocabulary reference and practice books from Cambridge. Vocabulary is clearly presented and contextualised on left-hand pages, with practice activities on facing right-hand pages. The book includes 100 units presenting new words in context, showing advanced learners how to use them, and highlighting common mistakes. It is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure that the vocabulary is useful, relevant and up-to-date. The accompanying CD-ROM provides interesting and enjoyable exercises to further challenge the learner, plus games, tests and dictionary support.
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Cuma, 1 Aralık, 2017
Yaşar Mutlu
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Cuma, 1 Aralık, 2017