The Official Guide to the TOEFL IBT Test

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ETS TOEFL The Official Guide to the Test 6th Edition
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Ayşe Akşit, Ayşenur Erdem, Banu İlhan, Gaye Başaran Seçer
McGraw Hill Education
6. Baskı
New York
689 Sayfa
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İstanbul Gönüllüleri
eserin 360-409 ile 510-613 arasındaki sayfaları daha sonra eklenecektir. zaman zaman kitap sayfasını ziyaret edin. Preparing for the TOEFL exam? Why not study with the only guide on the market that contains real TOEFL questions pulled from recent exams? The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test is most complete and reliable guide to the test that is used to meet English-language proficiency requirements at more than 10,000 institutions worldwide. This updated sixth edition includes real TOEFL questions for practice, as well as explanations of every section of the test and information on what is expected for every speaking and writing task. You will learn how to construct a proper answer and how to integrate speaking, listening, and writing skills to demonstrate college-level English proficiency. The accompanying online content includes four authentic TOEFL practice tests just like the one you will encounter on test day. The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test, Sixth Edition Features: • 4 full-length practice TOEFL tests (available in the book and online for download) • Hundreds of authentic TOEFL test questions and essay topics • Test-taking strategies directly from the test maker • Answer keys, self-scoring guides, and more
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Pazartesi, 5 Temmuz, 2021
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Salı, 5 Temmuz, 2022



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