Akehurst's Modern Introduction to International Law

Alexander Orakhelashvili
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Akehurst’s Modern Introduction to International Law continues to offer a concise and accessible overview of the concepts, themes and issues central to international law. This fully updated eighth edition encompasses the plethora of recent developments and updates in the field, and includes new dedicated chapters on international human rights, self-determination and international economic relations, an extended history and theory section reflecting the evolution of new and critical approaches in the field and a greater focus on terrorism and international criminal law. New and updated chapters include: Creation and recognition of States Territory Law of the sea Immunities State succession Nationality and individual rights Protection of the environment Settlement of disputes Use of force and armed conflict With a distinctive cross-jurisdictional approach which opens up the discipline to students from all backgrounds, this book will arm the reader with all the tools, methods and concepts they need to fully understand this complex and diverse subject. As such, this is an essential text for students of international law, government and politics, international relations, and a multitude of related subject areas.
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Perşembe, 6 Ocak, 2022
Işık Üniversitesi
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